Mobile Ultrasound

Mobile ultrasound is an effective option for veterinary clinical diagnostics. Many veterinarians own an ultrasound machine; however, some clinicians may not be confident or lack experience in performing complete ultrasound exams. Mobile ultrasound services are available from VitalRads in the Houston area. Continuity of diagnostics and treatment within the same facility is critical, as it raises standard of patient care and increases pet owner compliance. VitalRads can offer your patients expert diagnostics right in your practice, without referring your patients to a veterinary specialty hospital for the sole purpose of acquiring an ultrasound exam. Scheduling an appointment with one of our mobile sonographers is just a simple phone call or email.


VitalRads Mobile Ultrasound Team

Bobby Werner, DVM, DACVR

Nova Sprague, BS, RDCS

Mark Taylor, MA, DVM

Keely Brewer, DVM

Megan Short, DVM

Hours of Operation

8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday

Limited availability on evenings and weekends

Schedule an ultrasound appointment

(832) 431-4212, Opt. 5  or email us at